Stories Of Change

I gave birth to my baby boy at Dandelion Medical Centre on 18th of July 2019. The nurses were friendly and cooperated in ensuring that I had a safe delivery. After delivery, I took a hot shower and the staff served me with breakfast something that does not happen in other facilities set up in rural areas. In addition, my baby was gifted with a warm clothing package. As a woman born and raised here in the rural area, I would like to commend that this maternity facility is more of an answered prayer to us. Initially, expectant women used to walk long distance or use motorbikes for those who could afford to access health services in either Mogotio or Eldama Ravine; most of them would deliver on their way to the hospital. We feel privileged to have such a maternity service at our door step. It will go a long way in restoring the dignity of women in rural areas where poor infrastructure and poverty is the order of the day.

Millicent Jeptoo
Maternity Beneficiary